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Mathis Construction Inc. is a family owned and operated company that has been in business in the Chicagoland south suburbs for over 10 years, with more than 20 years of construction experience. We are a full service company that has established a reputation for providing quality work and attention to detail. Our experience is extensive in custom home building, consulting expertise, renovations and remodeling. Our mission is to perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services and creating a successful partnership with them though the construction process.

Our Approach

Our Story

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"I contracted Mathis Construction to build my 5,000 sq. ft custom home. Bryan Mathis exceeded my expectations! I moved into my house almost 2 years ago and there is nothing I would change about my house. Bryan made suggestions that fit my needs to a "T" He is extremely organized, professional, and thorough. Not only am I pleased with the quality of his work, but I have received so many compliments from the many people that have visited my home over the past 2 years. Working with Bryan was a great experience as he responded promptly to every phone call or e-mail that he received from me during and after the building process. I would highly recommend Mathis Construction to others looking to build or remodel a home. I know that if I decide to build again, I will definitely be contacting Bryan at Mathis Construction."
—Sheri Postma

"We interviewed two contractors prior to Bryan.  Joliet Cabinet Company referred us to Bryan.  They told us Bryan was the only contractor they would recommend to install their cabinets.  Bryan became a part of our family, immediately.  We gave him a key to our home and every day before we came downstairs he would be working.  Bryan is honest, dependable, does quality workmanship and attention to detail.  The work area was kept clean.  His time estimates on our projects were accurate.  The sub-contractors  that he used were as reliable and dependent as he was.  We only recommend Bryan to others.  He remodeled our kitchen, family room, powder room, upstairs master bath and hall bath.  We could not be more pleased.  If we had to do it all over again, we would choose Bryan, again. "
—Bob & Kathy Staeger

"We decided to get our 35 year old ranch style house totally remodeled from top to bottom (after watching many episodes of HGTV). A friend recommended Bryan Mathis who said he could accomplish the majority of this while we were on a 2 week vacation – another builder told us it would take 6 months. We hired him and went on vacation. When we returned we were greeted with a brand new house – new flooring, fresh paint, new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, granite countertops, all new lighting, laundry moved from the basement into built in closets, open concept living room-kitchen area ,reconfigured kitchen, new stone face and mantle on fireplace and all new interior doors and trim. Needless to say we were ecstatic! Bryan and his team met with us and discussed all our options before we left so we felt very confident leaving our house to them. Bryan’s team exhibited integrity with immaculate and timely work. Bryan not only is a superior craftsman but also has a good eye for design and attention to detail. We have been happily showing off our new house to family and friends and have referred many of them to Bryan. We would highly recommend Bryan and his team for any building/remodeling needs. "
—Pam and Jim Harvey

"After moving into a new home in 1996, our bedroom bay windows were sagging after two years and the builder refused to return my calls. A neighbor told me about Bryan Mathis and instead of replacing the windows he was able to reset the ones the contractor had installed saving us thousands of dollars. Since then, Bryan has done several projects in our home. He installed a hot tub with a full surrounding deck as well as totally gut the main bathroom and relocate the tub, shower, and toilet. They were both large jobs that were done in a timely manner and within our budget.

Bryan worked on the bathroom while we were at work every day, but when we returned from work each day, it never looked like he or any of his workers had never been there. There was absolutely NO construction dust or waste anywhere which was unbelievable considering all the tile and drywall he had to rip out. We always had to look in the bathroom to see if anyone had been there to work on it and there was progress every single day. And when the project was complete, all we had to do was turn on the light. It was redesigned, re-tiled, and painted. What a pleasure.

The past two years Bryan has been repairing our roof for leaks. But this past winter we literally had a waterfall in the stairwell which Bryan came out and immediately patched. So this year, Bryan will be putting a new roof on the house as well as repairing all the inside damage. Even though there is only one layer of shingles, he thought it would be better to see what condition the wood sheeting is in underneath before putting more shingles up. Given the problems we've had with the roof, we agreed. Bryan NEVER does ANYTHING half way. He always makes recommendations and lets the customer decide.

We are also getting some windows replaced that had rotted through and can no longer be opened (or closed if you do manage to get it open). Bryan had previously replaced the wall of windows across the dining room and great room. We live on a very wooded lot and decided when the windows needed to be changed, we wanted as much glass as possible to enjoy the woods and wildlife. The windows were replaced in one day while we were at work. It was incredible. There were 20+ feet of floor to ceiling (which is 10 feet high) windows which made you feel like you were outside. No mess, no sign of construction being done, just a beautiful view. Given the size of the windows, I thought it would take at least 2 or 3 days.

Over the years, I've recommended Bryan to family and friends knowing what a quality job he does. Everyone that used him had the same opinion. He's the first one I call when I need something, and if it's out of his field, he refers us to someone that does the same quality of work as Bryan Construction. "
—Diane Chrones

"Bryan Mathis has been doing various projects on my homes for over twenty five years.  I have witnessed the successful evolution of his company to the Mathis Construction Inc. that it is today.  When you hire Mathis Construction you deal directly with the owner from start to finish and beyond.

Mathis Construction most recently completed an extensive project on my home that included a basement up addition of approximately 1300 sq ft.  I would not have gone forward with this addition project if Bryan did not except the job.

Like most home owners I know what I want done, I expect a quality job and I want it completed in a reasonable time frame.  Mathis Construction always delivers on my every expectation.  Bryan has always been available to discuss change requests or to answer questions throughout every project he has done for me.  Bryan's extensive experience always makes the answer to any project construction challenge just a simple conversation away.  His positive attitude always makes me feel like anything is possible and he stands behind his work by being only a phone call away.

I will continue to refer Mathis Construction to anyone who wants a top quality project done on their home or business and Mathis Construction will be my only choice for my next construction project. "
—Jean Lawler

"We chose Mathis Construction to build our home in 2012.  To say that we were happy with our choice is an understatement.  Bryan's work ethic, attention to detail  and commitment to working with us on building a high-quality custom home made the building process of positive one.  Bryan was always very responsive on issues and worked easily with our architect and designer. What makes Bryan stand out as builder is his willingness to go above and beyond in making sure you are getting exactly what you want in every detail of your home.  His quality driven work coupled with his integrity and professionalism makes him stand out from the rest.   We would strongly recommend Mathis Construction to anyone wanting to not just build a house but create a home. "
—Brad and Lara Postma

"Mathis Construction was the contractor for the restoration of the Opera House building in Plainfield IL. I was very satisfied with his work and timeliness. He is good to work with, particularly in returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner. This restoration was a complex job that required bring together a number of specialty trades to complete the Job. Bryan was able to pull all the pieces together and do a quality job in a timely manner.

I will give Bryan the opportunity to bid on my future jobs and look forward to working with him again. "
—Bill Habiger

"While it may not matter, perhaps a little bit about my background will help you understand why I emphasized 'do it right the first time'.  I worked 35 years for the DuPont Company, mostly in a variety of management positions.  At various times, I was responsible for, or involved in, a number of major construction projects.  So I learned early on that proper planning and scheduling was critical to achieving on time results while keeping costs in line.  Beyond that, I was one of the DuPont's early Quality Managers where we worked hard to reduce production costs.  We discovered that preventing problems ('do it right the first time', 'less rework') was far cheaper than correcting situations once they became problems.

DuPont construction projects were always about the optimum quality (we were not forced to go out for bids and we were not forced to accept the lowest bids).  Part of the reason for this is that DuPont was self insured and this approach only works if you concentrate on operating safely even though we routinely handle a number of toxic and/or explosive materials in our various chemical processes.  This may cost a bit more upfront, but the downstream payoff is very real in a company as large as DuPont.

My own personal background is in chemical engineering (I have a PhD).  I also served three years as a naval officer in the engineering department on an aircraft carrier.  Here too reliability of shipboard mechanical processes was essential if the ship was to be able carry out our assignments.

What I am trying to say is that all of this background was very helpful in my understanding and appreciating the quality work that you did for us.

Thanks. "
—Bill Lamb

"Fran and I have always valued first impressions and the first meeting with Bryan reinforces that value.  Business-like and professional, he reviewed our architects blueprints while listening to our expectations.  He promised to get back to us with his proposal within a certain period and did just that.  While the initial bid was very competitive for our demo/ new construct home, it was more than what we could afford.  With that, he revised the scope of work so that we could move ahead with our project.  While it was a very stressful project, with continuous decisions to be made, Bryan would always be available, and when asked, give his perspective on the most practical solution.  He came in on time and on budget, and it should be noted that I live in a neighborhood of carpenters and they all seemed to enjoy the construction process and the level of skilled workmen Bryan had working for him.  Following his final payment, he maintained contact, addressing any items that came to light.  We are still very grateful that Bryan was our contractor of choice.

Sincerely, "

"We have used Mathis Construction for many years. Bryan has done work on our home and our rental home. He has added a bathroom to our downstairs, remodeled our guest bathroom, our kitchen, family room, front and back doors, replaced all windows, remodeled our downstairs, replaced our soffits and gutters, and numerous projects on our rental property. We have recommended him to several friends who have then had Bryan do work for them. We would not have had all of this work done or recommended him to our friends if we did not have complete confidence in his work. Bryan has a wide range of skills.  His work is clean, and he is respectful. Bryan is a finish carpenter with good attention to details. We plan to have Mathis Construction do work for us in the future and would recommended to all others. "
—Gary and Marianne